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Uses for Men

It’s a man's world – for a man, life is usually simple. A friend is a friend. He looks after his good contacts and likes nothing better than for situations to be clear. All the more so if they make him feel comfortable. HOMME GALLAND.

Specifically developed with men’s skin in mind, the active ingredients, like Cellactive-MEN with Siberian ginger, increase the skin’s energy and resistance, maintain its moisture and ensure its comfort. HOMME GALLAND – a complete line of top of the range treatments, with the best active ingredients and a manly scent. To give each man’s skin a cared-for look and a radiant seduction.

Facial Treatments

Men sort things out in their own way.

And they feel all the better for it.

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Body Treatments

Men like to take the plunge.

Especially when a hot shower awaits them.

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