Not just clean – but pure!

Due to an increased sebaceous gland function, men’s skin is usually oilier and more prone to impurities – one reason why daily cleansing is particularly important and should not be neglected.

Our tip: Cleanse your face in the morning before shaving (this softens the facial hair and prepares your skin for shaving) and in the evening.


First, wet the face. Put a hazelnut-sized amount of cleanser e.g. FACE CLEANSER 900 into the palms of your hands, lather with water and apply to the face, leaving out the area around your eyes. Then rinse your face with lukewarm water and dry.

The result: Your face is completely cleansed and can perfectly absorb the skin care products you apply afterwards, such as ENERGIZING FLUID 901 (SPF 15), a light fluid for day and night, or the smoothing day and night cream ANTI-AGING CARE 902.

And for even more attractive facial skin:

Use a face brush to massage the cleanser into the skin two or three evenings a week. This has the effect of an exfoliator, removing dead flakes of skin and giving your face a fresh rosy glow.

Products used

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