With a care range that transforms tension into well-being and the touch into pleasure: THE HYDRATION range. Its active moisturising formula gives dry skin a soft feel, full of velvety freshness.


It’s a range that never fails to delight: with a unique reformulation of 190 TINTED HYDRATING CREAM. This multi-talent with the „BB factor“ offers moisture, extraordinary care, efficient protection and perfect covering power in one – and therefore an answer to the needs of the modern woman. The most beautiful way to start the day is with a smile. And with THE HYDRATION range.



190 TINTED HYDRATING CREAM (SPF 15) – Perfect covering power meets maximum care! 190 TINTED HYDRATING CREAM in three shades makes the skin look natural, even and radiant, and counterbalances small beauty imperfections in a charming way. Active ingredients, such as vitamin E and squalane, optimise the moisture stores in the skin, reduce skin ageing, and give the skin a soft suppleness. Linum Alpinum, the beauty from the Alps, refines the pores, protects the skin against free radicals, and has a skin-soothing effect. A unique care experience with a BB factor. Ideal for people who like things to be uncomplicated: apply and feel beautiful!