Hello sun! This is the moment we always look forward to: sitting outside on a park bench, in a small café, or on a picturesque waterside promenade, with our eyes closed, enjoying the warm sunshine. The sun gives us strength and energy. It warms our skin and lifts our spirits. It gives us a true feeling of well-being, stimulates the metabolism, strengthens the immune system and alleviates skin ailments. But, unfortunately, it also speeds up the skin’s natural aging process.

Maria Galland’s SUN CARE range combines a radiantly beautiful tan with effective sun protection. Thanks to “LIGHT EMULSION TECHNOLOGY”, the soft textures of the products are very easy to spread over all the areas of the body, and are instantly absorbed, without leaving a greasy film. The skin is protected to an optimum and individual beauty is preserved.

Discover our sun care range in a new, fresh design, and look forward to two remarkable new products!

New care products for sunny hours.

200 GENTLE PROTECTIVE SPRAY SPF 30 – A highly effective sun spray for the face and body. The light texture is absorbed instantly by the skin, without leaving a greasy film, and makes the skin feel incomparably supple. The ultimate in comfort – that men appreciate, too – and which is ideal for sport and leisure. Plant glycerides smooth and care for the skin, while UVA and UVB filters guard against premature skin aging.

Use: Spray the lotion into the palms of the hands first, and then distribute over the face. Afterwards, spray onto the body and spread lightly.

– A state-of-the-art make-up stick offering sun protection! The cast wax texture with the delicate fragrance of vanilla adapts harmoniously to all shades of skin. It contains mineral sun filters only, which protect against UV-induced skin aging. Squalane prevents moisture loss and gives the skin suppleness and elasticity.

Use: Apply evenly to the face on top of suncare and daycare products, and spread.

In the mood for summer, right down the line.

– Sunny prospects for sensitive skin.
194 PROTECTIVE CARE FOR THE FACE SPF 50+ – Maximum protection on sunny days.
196 SATIN PROTECTIVE CARE FOR FACE AND BODY SPF 25 – Perfectly protected from head to toe.
197 SELF-TANNING FOR FACE AND BODY – Brings sun to the skin.
198 AFTER SUN FOR FACE AND BODY – Pleasant care after exposure to the sun.
199 STICK PROTECTION SOLAIRE SPF 50+ – Adapts to your lifestyle.

Natural radiance meets perfect protection.

180 BRILLIANT SUN POWDER SPF 12 - Makes the complexion look radiant.
182 COMPACT FOUNDATION SPF 50+ - Kissed by the sun.