When things are at their best, enjoy the feeling as long as possible! For 50 years Maria Galland has been devoted to the task of finding, accentuating and preserving individual beauty. Even at the very beginning, the legendary 5 Rejuvenating Cream was not only conceived as a tribute to the unique Coco Chanel, but also as appreciation of the uniqueness of every woman – a precious regeneration product that cares for and preserves what is special.

To do even better justice to the great diversity of individual needs, and in celebration of our jubilee year, we have now extended the successful Regeneration Range: with 5A Cell Rejuvenating Cream and 5C Cell Rejuvenating Serum: light, modern, and containing a remarkable stem cell ingredient that completely redefines the term “skin regeneration”.

But that’s not all. There’s finally a highly efficient treatment to go with this success concept: Regeneration Treatment. Find out more from your Maria Galland beauty therapist!

5A Cell Rejuvenating Cream – The rejuvenating caress.

A timelessly beautiful radiance becomes reality: a highly effective extract of grape stem cells promotes the activity of your cells and guards against skin aging. At the same time, the skin is supplied with lipids, providing additional protection to its natural barrier. 5A Cell Rejuvenating Cream is pure pleasure for your skin, is absorbed rapidly and enchants with a delicate fragrance of violet, precious woods and blackcurrant.

5C Cell Rejuvenating Serum – The effective beautifier.

Efficiency has never felt so good: light creaminess meets perceptible efficacy. This superior serum is the ideal base for 5A Cell Rejuvenating Cream and, just like this, contains the innovative grape stem cell extract. In addition, a wealth of precious blossom extracts protects your skin against harmful environmental influences. Particularly suitable for normal to very dry skin – let yourself be pampered!