A(n) (un)dramatic experience

A(n) (un)dramatic experience

To prevent shaving from becoming a “dramatic” experience, there are a few simple tricks that turn shaving from a chore to a pleasure.


Preparation is key. Apply FACE CLEANSER 900 mild cleansing gel to your face in circular movements and then rinse abundantly with water. This softens the beard even at the cleansing stage and optimally prepares the skin for shaving.


The choice is entirely up to you whether you prefer a wet or dry shave. The best order is: cheeks, neck, upper lip and chin. Be careful! Always shave in the direction of growth, which is gentle on your skin and prevents ingrown hairs.


To finish, the skin needs a nourishing product, for example HYDRATING FLUID 901. This light cream enhances cell renewal and intensely moisturises the skin. It is thus ideal for soothing the skin and leaving it beautifully soft. You will feel it – and your wife will love it.


Would you like to do even more for yourself and your skin? Then give it a burst of freshness – with HOMME GALLAND’s complementary products: EYE REVIVER 903, the firming eye gel, and ANTI-AGING CARE 902, the smoothing anti-ageing cream. SHOWER GEL 910 also makes every shower an experience.