The story behind Maria Galland Paris

Inspired and launched by a Parisian dancer and beautician, Maria Galland Paris is the premium professional skin care brand with a fascinating history.

The sixties were wild with revolutionary and youthful ideas. And the place to experience it fully was the Paris Marais district, the vibrant heart of the world capital of beauty and home to vivid creativity. With her avant-garde vision of preserving the youthful beauty and radiance of the skin, Madame Maria Galland was totally in step with the zeitgeist of this time. As a passionate dancer, she was firmly convinced that beauty was about the unique energy in each of us – which she believed could be revealed though a whole new generation of skin care cosmetics.

The beginnings of a revolutionary future in skin care

In 1962, the passionate dancer developed a treatment concept as unique as the skin itself through a fusion of state-of-the-art dermatological research and the finest cosmetic craftsmanship. And even today, over 50 years later, this treatment concept continues to set the standard in beauty care worldwide. Madame Maria Galland’s classical dancing background made her fully aware of the power of touch and kinetic energy. She used this experience to establish an effective choreography of manual gestures – the Mosaic Modelling Method, now practiced by high-end beauticians. This method is complemented perfectly by personalized lifestyle tips and guidance to bring every woman a holistic experience with exceptional results.

The skin, “a mosaic of extremely diverse needs”

It all started in her Paris residence, where the Frenchwoman opened a “beauty advisory service”. From the start, Madame Maria Galland offered customized “tailor-made beauty,” an innovative approach at the time. Her unique treatment methods targeted the needs of each individual area of the skin.

The reaction was overwhelmingly positive and quickly gained widespread approval. Soon Madame Maria Galland founded her first research laboratories and production facilities. A short time later, she opened her first beauty salon in the Parisian avenue of Rue Chateaubriand offering products and treatments produced under her own name.

Gorgeous milestones along the way

We escort you along a beautiful journey through the world of Maria Galland Paris, highlighting key years in the past five decades featuring monumental product and line launches.

1962: 5 REJUVENATING CREAM world-famous intensely regenerating night care for dry to very dry skin

1963: The iconic MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD cult anti-aging facial treatment with natural lifting effect

1969: 2 CREAMY SOFT MASK creamy deep-cleansing mask based on natural clay for an even, refined complexion

1991: COCOON TREATMENT revitalizing and soothing treatment enveloping the face like a cocoon

2011: The MILLE line ultimate luxury skin care for outstanding anti-aging results

2014: The ESSENCES boosting the skin with perfectly concentrated, superior active ingredients

2015: SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE advanced dermatological skin care line with scientific formulas

2016: ACTIV’AGE Activating skin care line for mature skin

2017. LUMIN’ÉCLAT Radiance enhancing skin care line for first signs of aging

These developments led to a truly holistic and individualized approach to professional skin care. Addressing even subtle signs of aging, the Maria Galland Paris method cares on a more personal level for the skin care needs of each individual client – revealing individual beauty in each person.

The benefits of this beauty expertise, innovative manual modelling techniques and effective products are visible immediately. The skin’s energy is revitalized and regenerated, appears naturally lifted and youthfully plumper, firmer and dewy – revealing the full beauty of the skin. This new generation of expert skin care cosmetics is only available in high-end beauty salons and spas.

Maria Galland Paris today

Over 10,000 beauty salons and spas in over 50 countries use Maria Galland Paris professional skin care products and treatments. It’s a success that is founded on a long-standing tradition as an expert of facial treatments and is maintained through the company’s strong spirit of innovation, making it one of the most modern companies in the cosmetics and beauty industry. Customers enjoy a holistic approach to individualized care through indulgent, specialized treatments, premium products with active ingredients and customized lifestyle tips. This unique formula delivers impressive results, revealing the individual beauty energy in every woman. Maria Galland Paris is only available where treatments are applied professionally, because only qualified beauticians in leading institutes can recommend, apply, present and sell Maria Galland Paris.

In addition to face and body treatments, Maria Galland Paris offers a huge variety in product lines, including sun care and color cosmetics to satisfy every need.



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