How can you keep your skin looking great?

All is revealed! Just imagine if you knew all the secrets for a good anti-aging routine.

It’s not all just a matter of age. Pollution, ultraviolet radiation, stress, diet, the hectic pace of our days: our skin suffers thousands of stresses, both external and internal. However, there is a simple beauty routine which is easy to adopt, to keep your skin looking fresh, radiant and youthful. What if we could protect skin our from the signs of time?

Interview with Isabelle de Luzan, practitioner and expert in anti-wrinkle treatment in Poitiers.

What are your customers’ main concerns when they come to see you in your salon? 

Lots of them are worried about the quality of their skin and the signs of aging. Customers want plump skin, which looks smoother, younger and more radiant. In short, they want to slow down aging. I don’t always know if that’s what they have in mind when they arrive, but in any case, that’s what they see when they leave. And they tell me it!

The new ABSOLUTE YOUTH LIFTING treatment from Maria Galland Paris seems like the perfect answer to these concerns. You got to test it before its release. What makes it innovative?

It’s rapid efficacy! The results are immediate. Once the treatment is finished, the effects on the skin are visible. Also innovative is it very comprehensive system: it combines manual work on the skin using targeted massages which reduce signs of fatigue with an application of products containing particularly effective active ingredients. In fact, it’s not just a routine combined with creams: the customer is offered a complete care experience. The aims of this approach are to let them relax, far from the chaos of the outside world, to enhance their individual beauty, and also to support them after the treatment, in the long term. 

What do you mean by long-term support? 

Advising them on a range of products which will be beneficial in the long term. And the three-part ritual of the LIFT’EXPERT range from Maria Galland Paris (serum, cream and wrinkle smoother)prolongs the action of the salon treatment and therefore the pleasure! These specialized and targeted treatments focus on smoothing wrinkles, firming the skin, improving tightness and evening out the complexion. Moreover, customers are taught the correct way of applying the products. In a way, the beauty routine starts in the salon and continues at home.

In addition to these good habits for applying the products from Maria Galland Paris, you also teach them to do facial yoga exercises. Why?

This is part of the innovative routine proposed by Maria Galland Paris. Facial yoga techniques help to prolong and intensify the action of the treatments, and also encourage customers to make time for themselves. Letting go and relaxing helps to revitalize the complexion. Combined with expert treatments and a good diet, it works wonders!

A good diet… because the quality of our skin often reflects what we eat? 

Yes, nutrition plays a key role in the quality of the epidermis, so it’s an important concern. A healthy, varied and balanced diet slows down skin aging. In particular, we talk a lot about sugar, which in excess accelerates the degradation of elastin and collagen: two proteins which help to keep the skin smooth and firm. 

Can make-up also be a temporary solution to gently and subtly lift the face?

Customers are not always aware of it, but there are different make-up techniques to suit your skin’s appearance, your age and the desired effect: this concerns both the most appropriate products, but also the quantity, colors and application… we can offer them tips to lift their face in an instant!

Is all this advice well received by your customers, and do they ask for recommendations of this kind?

Yes, they’re keen to listen, because we are skin experts and they know they can trust us. We were talking about innovation just now. Maria Galland Paris is innovative in terms of its all-round approach: a professional treatment, a range of products and relevant advice. As well as its effective products, the brand also provides concrete solutions for “living well” and we spread a message which is important to us as professionals: share your knowledge with customers, to help them feel beautiful and fulfilled. I think this is a wonderful message of goodwill.

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