Indian summer: add some soul to the season

Hold that hot cocoa and put those candles away. Summer may have told you it’s leaving you, but it’s back for one more final fling before the bitter cold of winter takes you into its arms.

It’s an Indian Summer, a poetic moment, suspended in time, where the warm colors of fall blend effortlessly with the natural rays of the sun, for a delicious cocktail of seasons to be sipped slowly. 

The Indian summer spirit

Before the warm drinks, the comfort foods, the glittering candles and those cocooning plans at home, here’s our guide to make the most of the sweetness of an Indian summer.

  1. 1. Play outside
    Go for walks outside in a forest or through a city. Pick chestnuts and mushrooms. Go for a run, a bike ride roller-skating or do yoga in a garden.
  2. 2. Enjoy terrace life 
    Embrace your inner Parisienne and enjoy a drink or a meal on the terrace of an outdoor café or a rooftop with a view on the world. 
  3. 3. Cherish the last of summer produce 
    Mother Nature is so generous during the Indian summer. It’s time to enjoy the last delicacies of summer like eggplants, tomatoes or fresh herbs, figs and those first apples and pears.
  4. 4. Love your layers 
    Wear your favorite summer clothing with a light sweater or jacket before you switch to wool sweaters and corduroys! 

Wear your Autumn Colors

Reinterpret the fall colors with a glow finish to bring a touch of sunlight in your beauty routine: Red is the color of sensuality, luxury and passion. Orange represents energy and lightness and brown is associated with earth, nature and comfort. Colorful and sparkly shades that instantly create a sophisticated and feminine look with the perfect touch of warmth and glow. 

Follow our 4 steps to get the look!

Step 1:

Even the complexion and say “au revoir” to dark circles and skin imperfections thanks to an instant soft-focus effect with 514 SKIN-PERFECTING CONCEALER. Then apply the 516 ILLUMINATING POWDER PALETTE, a 3-in-1 highlighter, eyeshadow and blush to add instant glow anytime and anywhere!

Step 2:

Look forward to fall with the olive-gold 524 INFINITE WATERPROOF EYE PENCIL N° 13 and 522 SUPER DEFINITION MASCARA for bold eyes …

Step 3:

Get ready to kiss a new season hello with 500 INFINITE LIPSTICK. This creamy lipstick combines intense color with active ingredients that hydrate and nourish lips, the perfect ally for the colder season to come! Add the 528 VOLUMIZER HYALURONIC LIP BOOSTER N°10 for an extra boost of hydration and plump! 

Step 4:

Let the Indian summer glow flow through your fingertips with the nail polish 507 LE VERNIS N°09 Rouge d’Automne.

Special tip for a subtle glow: mix the shades of the 516 ILLUMINATING POWDER PALETTE and apply them as a final touch, wherever the light falls naturally on the face.

Tone by tone, at the heart of a trend

What to wear to match the beauty of autumn to your wardrobe without any missteps? The fall/winter Fashion Weeks 2018 have set the tone for this season’s trends, bursting with deep and bright earthy colors: forest green, with orange, magenta and purple tweeds for a golden autumn, patterns reminiscent of tree branches in the northern forests or ultra-feminine dresses from American Indian folklore in warm tones. Your make-up look will surely blend seamlessly thanks to our Indian Summer collection, ready-to-wear every day of this beautiful season! 

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