Need a lift? Start with your make-up!

A few simple make-up tips do the trick to give a natural, effortlessly chic youthful appearance. Specific colors and highlighting can help give your face an optical lifting effect.

Voilà 3 easy steps to get an instant lifting effect.

  1. 1. LIFT’UP your eyes! 
    The eye area is the most sensitive and wrinkle-prone part of the face and can reveal your age! From wrinkles to fine lines to dark circles and bags, the eyes are the first to show signs of fatigue and age. Trace a clean line along the eyebrows and emphasize the look with an eye pencil to lift the eyelids. Your eyes will look naturally and effortlessly bigger and more wide open.
  2. 2. LIFT’UP your highlighter! 
    Use a highlighter to blur and smooth lines. Just dab along the arch of your brows, under the eyes, on the cheeks and above the lips and blend in with your finger for a subtle yet powerful glow.
  3. 3. LIFT’UP your contours!
    Add sun powder and blush to the cheek bones for extra definition in record time. Chiseled cheek bones are slimming, sculpted and make the complexion look instantly younger. 

Click to watch the full Lift’up make up tutorial and make sure to ask your Maria Galland Paris beautician to show you more tricks and tips for a flawless, lifted look at home!

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