Face Treatments

Restore your skin’s natural beauty with a Maria Galland Paris facial treatment.
A relaxing massage ritual, beginning with deep-cleansing and exfoliation, prepares your skin for the treatment to follow. These initial steps ensure your skin’s optimal absorption of the active ingredients.

Here are four great reasons to book a professional facial treatment at a Maria Galland Paris beauty salon or spa today:

Instantly visible results

Even after the first treatment, minimizing fine wrinkles, smoothing your complexion and revealing your true beauty – and it’s worth maintaining these amazing results with a regular professional treatment program, selected for you by an experienced MARIA GALLAND PARIS beautician.

Effective treatment

The unique massage techniques in the facial treatments restore balance and energy of the skin, minimize fine wrinkles and reveal new radiance.

Individual consultation

Thorough analysis of your skin’s needs which are then addressed with individually tailored treatments and care products.

Time for yourself

During your treatment session, you can let go and relax, knowing you’re in expert hands for a beautiful, holistic experience which will revitalize both your skin and your whole body.

Our ultra-personalized signature anti-aging treatment.

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Unwind and indulge in one of our full-body treatments.

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Beauty salons near you

Find the perfect place near you for some timeout from routine and life’s duties. MARIA GALLAND PARIS beauticians all over the world welcome you into a gorgeous haven of peace and relaxation to replenish body, mind and soul.

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